7 Guardians Game Review!

Asgard’s defenses have fallen! They need your help! Lead your team of heroes to defend against the Undeads, once and for all!

The Story

This game has not been based on any story. Just simply a bunch of guardians versus enemies in offense and defense mode game style.


The Environment

The game graphics and the flow of things inside the game seems appealing to sights. It’s easy to check for rewards and other shortcut to any mode of the game.

The Characters

You can play more than 300 heroes if you would like too, and you can arrange team based 7 different classes : Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Defender, Wizard, Golem, and Warlord.

The Equipments

You can equip weapon, armor, and accessories to any of your chosen team character, which you can easily switch between heroes/character.

The Battle

You can play up to 9 different gameplay modes from campaign, pvp, guild event, raid, bosses, and so much others.



Badland : Not Another Flappy Bird!

Badland is definitely not another flappy bird. It was originally a mobile game, but came to other platforms such as PS4 and OS X. This game is developed by Frogmind Games and released in 2014. There is no timing in every level, but surely you don’t want to fall behind, but no worries, you can try it like forever if you fail at any level.


You will controlling the CLONE, guide it to get through the all black woods. Every stages is differento to each others sometime it goest different kind of time: dawn, noon, dusk, and nigh. Each of the stage has different kind of traps and rhyme.

The shape of the Clone can goes big or small depends on the boost that available in each level, sometimes it’s not avoidable, and a retry will do since its part of the trial and error game that you will learn by doing and from mistakes.


Get Bob Safely To Bed!

It’s simple game of guiding Bob the sleepwalker to the safety of his bed by taking control of his subconscious guardian, Subob.

Explore a surreal and hand-painted dream world, avoid dangers and get Bob safely back to bed.


Seriously, its getting much more interesting when you are able to move forward to each level. Every level has its complexity and a good fun in it. There is not actually a receipt for success or strategy to get things done here.

Though, I always think first where is the door to his bed and planning a scenario to get him there, but in fact sometimes I have to adjust since it doesn’t work.


Romance Comes Alive!

Alone With You is a sci-fi romance adventure video games which you can explore, solve puzzles, unlock the mysteries of wracked space colony’s building and engage with the romance inside the game stories.


A few minutes into play, I know I will not love it so much, but because I’m curious enough to know what is this game has to offer, therefore I decided to try it.  It’s just look like other old games that I play years ago.

This game gets me through the first facility, which I found out more about what actually happen in this realm. There is nobody except me and all other AI. Books were torn and spread all around all places.

A bit by bit, these exploration made will open your eyes of how interesting game it is. It’s how you will know the holograms fates. Its fun and comforting game for you who love roaming into the world, exploring and engage in very touching conversations.


Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet : When Swords clash with Guns!

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet is a third-person shooter role playing game which was developed by Dimps based on Unreal Engine. It’s different with the SAO series mostly, but it might be based on the movie or series which already came out.


The story is as the same as the movie. After SAO’s environment destruction, Kirito and his friends move to a new game called Gun Gale Online with the same name Kirito as the player’s name.

At his first login, he already witness someone actually kill other player while inside the game. It become much more awesome once you already watch the movie then play this game. In this game, you will play as yourself, a newbie to Gun Gale Online. You will meet all of the SAO characters of course including Kirito and Asuna.

You will have a lot of weapons in your arsenal ranged from pistol to sniper riffle. There’s still sword there but it much more like Star Wars’ sword. As in SAO HR, you can upgrade your weapon or buy new weapons in shop.


The game is pretty simple, shoot enemies to kill them. You will encounter hundred of enemies with a company of three other allies, sadly you can’t do anything like upgrading them, but they will gain experience points. The only thing you can do is upgrading your only AI companion.

If things get ugly, always back to number one rule for gamers, grinding to get better equipments and experience to get your stats jumped. Mostly, you have to hit and run in your attempt to defeat any monsters.