Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet is a third-person shooter role playing game which was developed by Dimps based on Unreal Engine. It’s different with the SAO series mostly, but it might be based on the movie or series which already came out.

The story is as the same as the movie. After SAO’s environment destruction, Kirito and his friends move to a new game called Gun Gale Online with the same name Kirito as the player’s name.

At his first login, he already witness someone actually kill other player while inside the game. It become much more awesome once you already watch the movie then play this game. In this game, you will play as yourself, a newbie to Gun Gale Online. You will meet all of the SAO characters of course including Kirito and Asuna.

You will have a lot of weapons in your arsenal ranged from pistol to sniper riffle. There’s still sword there but it much more like Star Wars’ sword. As in SAO HR, you can upgrade your weapon or buy new weapons in shop.

The game is pretty simple, shoot enemies to kill them. You will encounter hundred of enemies with a company of three other allies, sadly you can’t do anything like upgrading them, but they will gain experience points. The only thing you can do is upgrading your only AI companion.

If things get ugly, always back to number one rule for gamers, grinding to get better equipments and experience to get your stats jumped. Mostly, you have to hit and run in your attempt to defeat any monsters.


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