Alone With You is a sci-fi romance adventure video games which you can explore, solve puzzles, unlock the mysteries of wracked space colony’s building and engage with the romance inside the game stories.

A few minutes into play, I know I will not love it so much, but because I’m curious enough to know what is this game has to offer, therefore I decided to try it.  It’s just look like other old games that I play years ago.

This game gets me through the first facility, which I found out more about what actually happen in this realm. There is nobody except me and all other AI. Books were torn and spread all around all places.

A bit by bit, these exploration made will open your eyes of how interesting game it is. It’s how you will know the holograms fates. Its fun and comforting game for you who love roaming into the world, exploring and engage in very touching conversations.


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