Badland is definitely not another flappy bird. It was originally a mobile game, but came to other platforms such as PS4 and OS X. This game is developed by Frogmind Games and released in 2014. There is no timing in every level, but surely you don’t want to fall behind, but no worries, you can try it like forever if you fail at any level.

You will controlling the CLONE, guide it to get through the all black woods. Every stages is differento to each others sometime it goest different kind of time: dawn, noon, dusk, and nigh. Each of the stage has different kind of traps and rhyme.

The shape of the Clone can goes big or small depends on the boost that available in each level, sometimes it’s not avoidable, and a retry will do since its part of the trial and error game that you will learn by doing and from mistakes.


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