Master Your Heroes in a Chaos World through Battle with Tough Dragons, and Monsters in some challenging modes. Stunning Graphics! Marvellous Characters! All waiting for you to bring them out of chaos!

The Story

No story has been developed for this game, it’s just a full battle between you and your enemies of any shape. It’s Seven Knights type of game. It’s 5 vs 5 mode game, taking up to 5 of your chosen heroes summoned to get through any battles.

The Environment

It’s quite a straight forward game which the environment has been built for the purpose of fights and no exploration.

The Characters

There’s a lot of heroes you can choose or summoned, if you are lucky, you can even get a rare heroes that will save you from all the trouble in fighting enemies.

The Equipments

You can equip with more than enough available weapon, armor, and items to increase your stats.

The Battle

As in any other game, it has the PVP and PVE mode, which consists of Arena and Coliseum for the PVP, and; Adventure, Jungle, Magic Tower, Defense, Raid for the PVE.


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