When the darkness ends, daybreak legends shall arise! Aerial combat, stunning 3D graphics, and a lot of activities around with large open world maps which gives you the freedom to explore and level up your characters in the battle against dragons!

The Story

There is an evil dragon come to the world, and because of it, the world is in chaos. So, this dragon can only be killed with a special artifact! Now, you are the heroes who will look for this artifact and make use of it to kill that dragon, so simple.

The Environment

It’s an open world on mobile, which means it’s not really that big, but yes, it still can be called an open world where you can roaming around to kill mobs, and finishing missions or assignments.

The Characters

You can play as Puppeteer, Mage, Bounty Hunter, Lancer, and Warrior. Each has its strength and weakness. There are over 250 skill combinations. It also allows marriage among players, just as in Musou Glory.

The Equipments

You can equip with hundred items, gear, and fashion to increase your stats. Following the story will get you much more powerful gear.

The Battle

This game offers you with Real-time PVP and Guild Vs Guild. You will accompanied by warpets, a companion to assist you in battle against enemies and bosses. It has Skywing Sytem that allows you to battle in the air.


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