Be A Tycoon! Don’t Be Poor!| December 17, 2018

Embark on the ultimate idle clicker adventure of a lifetime with Cash, Inc.! You can build a time machine and be the most popular money tycoon of all time! Once the wealth starts rolling in, there’s no saying how far you will go!

Rilix Coaster – Scary Enough?| December 16, 2018

With Rilix VR you will be able to experience one of the best action simulations in Virtual Reality. It will make you hold your breath and allow you to travel to unfamiliar places using Virtual Reality.

Block Hexa Puzzle | November 18, 2018

There is only one simple mission in this game! Drag the various hexa blocks to fit into the provided hexa blank space! How fast you can go It’s my challenge to you!

Onmyoji | September 8, 2018

The game takes place in the mythical Heinan period Japan 794 – 1185 AD. The story centers around Abe no Seimei, and his adventure in a world where human and supernatural beings coexist, Onmyoji has been praised for its  outstanding voice acting, beautiful artwork, and rich gameplay.

Maybe I’m sceptical but really, it’s not about all those awesome graphics this game has, beautiful ladies, awesome voice actor/actress. It’s just because it will be the same as other type of game. Summon heroes, put them in battle then kill the enemies with sophisticated skills.

Isn’t that awesome? Well, definitely! But will you boring? Maybe, but considering the facts that this is Japanese Cute Voice and Story, I will play the second time.

Battle Island | August 25, 2018

Battle Islands is a free-to-play battle strategy game, tapping in to a massively popular genre, with its own distinct theme (WW2) and gameplay. Players must take and then defend their own Pacific island, build up supplies and resources, and then engage in multiplayer battles and campaigns.

So, basically, it’s CoC, SS, Dominations type of game, but a little bit customization of the battle and story of course. Obtaining resource not very difficult at the beginning hour of time. But through time, it has its challenge but manageable by choosing enemies wisely.

It might be too simple, but in your spare time, this game could give a little boost in your gaming life. Cheers!

BlazBlue CentralFiction | July 27, 2018

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is a 2-D fighting video game developed by Arc System Works. The game was released for the arcades on November, 2015, and a console version was released on October, 2016, for PS4, both physically and digitally.

It’s simple! It’s a Street Fighter style of game, but with different unique or cute characters. It has satisfying graphic, great skill, finishing fighting style, and also easy killing since I never find controls so easy in fighting game rather than BlazBlue. Take a look on Injustice 2, then you will know what I mean.

Asseto Corsa | July 7, 2018

Assetto Corsa is a racing simulation that attempts to offer a realistic driving experience with a variety of road and race cars through detailed physics and tyre simulation on race tracks recreated through laser-scanning technology. It supports a range of peripherals like mouse, keyboard, wheels, gamepads, triple-displays, TrackIR head tracking and VR head-mounted displays as well as Nvidia 3D Vision and professional motion systems. The software can be extended through modded third-party content.

This game was developed by the Kunos Simulazioni. It is designed with an emphasis on a realistic racing experience with support for extensive customization. The game released on 2014.

505 Games get a partnership with Kunos Simulazioni to bring the game to PS4 in 2016. From my experience driving any of the cars in the game, it’s really not easy. It’s loud and yes, it’s difficult to drive.

So, Is Asseto Corsa one of a game that you would love to play whole day? I might not be agree with you, but does it serve as the realistic racing? Yes, I agree on it, and would consider to play again sometimes, I guess with more patient to really understand how to drive in Asseto Corsa.

Piano Tiles | June 5, 2018

Are You Fast Enough?? Piano Tiles is a single-player mobile game launched in 2014 by Umoni Studio. The game contain six modes and very challenging in every new songs.

If you like music, and ever has a piano lesson, maybe this game will trigger you to play. Some satisfying things in this game are that I can show off to people about my achievement in tough, speedy songs. Leveling up and get a new song unlocked then find out that the unlocked songs are the one you love so much, this will motivate you to play more.

Batman | May 19, 2018

Batman: The Telltale Series is a 2016 episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game developed and published by Telltale Games and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment under its DC Entertainment label.

For me, I call it, the semi-action kind of game and at some phases it’s very annoying. I will miss a few presses on the right button. Ever play Yakuza-0? The feeling is the same with playing this.

Disgaea 5 (Chinese Ver.) | May 5, 2018

Trying my free Disgaea 5. This is a 2015 tactical role-playing video game for PS4 and the 6th installment in the Disgaea series by Nippon Ichi Software. The central story of the game is centred on the idea of “revenge”. The evil demon emperor Void Dark devastates numerous Netherworlds after coming to power, with the help of an army of over one million soldiers known as The Lost. Following this, the Overlords of the Netherworlds under Void Dark’s rule attempt to rise up and take revenge.

What do you think why I won’t play this game anymore? Exactly! Because it’s in Chinese Version!. Of course, there is the English Version of it, but why I don’t like Disgaea because it’s a turn-based strategy game.

I won’t say that the story is not great or the game effects aren’t great. They are awesome, but still, I don’t quite have the patient to play this kind of game, but I would love to consider the game if I don’t have any other game on my schedule to play.  What do you think?


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