Injustice 2 is a cinematic fighting video game published by Warner Bros. International Enterprises Entertainment. It is categorized as an action game which was released in May 2017 for Console and PC, while the mobile version was released on April 2017.

Console version vs Mobile version, which one is better? I don’t think it’s fair comparing both of the version because it’s depend on what we actually prefer. If you love to play with more stable and complicated moves, you would love the console version, but from the time you can get on the game fast, and the simplicity, of course, mobile version is better.

The gameplay actually still the same as Injustice Gods Among Us, whether it’s in the console or in the mobile version, even though, it offers a new feature called the Gear System, which can rewards players with costume pieces and equipment that can be used to customize characters’ appearances and modify their abilities and stats.

The storyline itself centers around Batman and his attempt to restore society after Superman falls. This game has improved gameplay mechanics, abundance of in-game content, and character customization options, even though some players criticizing on its random loot and too many in-apps purchase.

Now let’s talk about the game’s features!

Heroes Summon. You can summon any heroes using chests which you can pay with real money. There are Agility Power Up Chest, Premium Hero Chest, Hero Chest, and Basic Free Chest. There are also some package offers to improve your character’s battle rating which ranges from any Special Offers, Currencies and Hero Shards.

Team Battle and Stats. You can form a team up to three heroes and it will show you the team battle rating, so you will be able to decide if you want to challenge any battle. For the character itself there are few things to notice :

  • Abilities which grants you special skills to use in battles.
  • Gear which grants you customized hero and increase of specific stats which you can upgrade to higher level.
  • Talents which grants you additional stats which of course you can reroll to change to better talents.
  • You can also increase EXP here and stats using capsules.

Battles. In the battle, you will face few types of modes which range from individual PVP or a PVE team.

  • Campaign. You will be able to level up and win gears.
  • Arena. You can battle online for power gems and arena medals.
  • League. You can join together to take other league or challenge league missions, shards exchange with other members, and challenge league boss.
  • Operations. You can send your inactive heroes to obtain items for increasing stats.
  • Challenge. If you aim to get some heroes. This is a mode that enable to to fight for heroes’ shards.

Resource Missions. You can obtain different rewards from it from Monday to Sunday, from Might Class Mission, Agility Class Mission, Tech Class Mission, Meta Class Mission, Arcane Class Mission, and any Random Class Missions.

Story. You can enjoy the story that Warner Bros offered and join the fight in the middle to completing the stories.

Don’t forget also to finish your Daily Missions and Achievements Missions. In overall, this game is quite promising, that if you love fighting game that you can control manually and automatically as well.


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