Marvel Future Fight is a 2015 superhero video game, published by Netmarble Games and released on April, 2015. You can plays with a maximum team of three characters in a team on any level. The player controls one of the characters which can swap with the other members and there is a time lapse before you can swap to other members again.

Completing missions will uses energy which can be obtained by level up or use free items from shops or using gems to purchase them, and also from completing quests.

Characters can get better upgrades at higher levels and the battle rating will be increased dramatically by upgrading skills, gear, and equipping ISO-8. It increases the damage level, improve specific traits like HP, Attack Speed and various buffs.

As in other games, it also offers a lot of microtransactions in the store such as energy, clearing tickets, ISO-8, Biometric and any other supplies. Some stores required tokens, but mostly using gems.

Now let’s talk about the game’s features!

Game modes. There are few game modes to notice so that you will be able to get the maximum efforts on this game.

Mission Game Modes. This mode reset everyday for completing the daily and weekly achievement challenges. It consists of daily missions, story, special missions, dimension rifts and epic quest.

  • Daily Missions. You will fight a large number of enemies and collect tons of rewards including gold and ISO-8.
  • Story Missions. You can collect biometrics, gear upgrade items, gold, norn stones and XP points.
  • Special Missions. You will be travelled into abundance side missions stories which also rewarding you with biometrics and custom gear.
  • Epic Quest. A series of challenges and special missions with unique story content. When you begin an Epic Quest, you acquire the protagonist hero. As of August 25 2018 there are 3 Epic Quests:
  • Dimension Rifts. You will have 30 attempts on this using energy which rewarding you with dimension debris, gear upgrade items, and comic cards as well as heroes’ shards.

Arena Game Modes. It’s all about the PVP whether it is an arena, or alliance battle that involves a large number of heroes.

  • Timeline Battles. You can acquire Honor tokens which can use to obtain Honor chests or biometrics.
  • Battleworld. This event will last from one to three days and only accepts heroes 4 stars to 6 stars.
  • Alliance Battle. You can join only once in daily basis.
  • Extreme Alliance Battle. Much more challenging than the normal alliance battle.
  • Alliance Conquest. Three alliances race to domination by capturing territories and obtain points.
  • Alliance Tournament. 16 top alliances against each others in a tournament.

Co-op Game Modes. This game mode allow you to team up with other players or fight with each others.

  • Co-Op. You will be able to team up with two other online players.
  • World Boss Invasion. You will have to face few bosses with other players on your team.

Challenge Game Modes. This mode has various challenge for you to complete so you can obtain the rewards.

  • Legendary Battle. It involves specific heroes to be able to get maximum rewards from this battle.
  • Villain Siege. You will fight a single boss here with a team consists of three characters.
  • World Boss. You will fight a boss with three characters and five other characters that you can sets on supports.
  • World Boss Ultimate. A more challenging mode of world boss with great rewards.
  • Shadowland. This battle involves 30 floor waves using only three characters.

As you can see that there are a lot to offer in this game, so don’t feel too bad if the urge to recharge or pay for the in-game items is so strong. Anyway, happy gaming!


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