Gladiator Arenas is located in Krokodilopolis. You will get two arenas at first and the rest will be unlocked in other events. There are 7 bosses in you have to face in this Arenas. After defeating waves of soldiers or animals, you will face the each of the bosses.

The most noticing fact is that you can not use your own weapon for this arena. All is about your fighting skills. Seems unfair? No, it’s really are manageable once you know how to do it. Each arena waves will require specific weapons and you have to be able to master them to defeat the enemies. Each weapon has weakness and advantages, use them to defeat all the enemies.

Krokodilopolis Arena

You need to finished the side quest to get access into this arena and fights the Brothers and the Slaver. Brothers are strong and very aggressive, to kill them you have to move a lot and strike when you get the chances, while Slaver will stab you if you are not careful. Be mindful that there are a lot of traps that will bleed you to death if you are not careful and ignoring them.

Cyrene Arena

After you killed the Brothers and the Slaver, you will be able to unlock this arena which you will face five bosses in total. You seriously need to increase your level or it will get dirty going through the waves and fighting these bosses.

Boss : Raging Hammer. This boss is slow but very brutal, and inflict a lot of damage. If you played Nioh before, you will be able to face this boss easily. It require you to study it’s attack pattern and plan your attacks precisely.

Boss : Raging Axes. This is very difficult boss. He is agile and his combos can means serious death. Once again, you will need to move a lot to evade his attack.

If you think that those Raging Bosses is hard enough wait until you face the next bosses, the Hoplite and the Seleucid.

Boss : The Hoplite. This boss use spear and shield, so you now instinctively that he has great defense and long range attack, while the weapon you use is quite heavy, a blunt type.

The Boss : Seleucid. This boss is pretty tough plus the environment disadvantage of spikes and fire traps. This guy use a long pike and his jump combo attacks is marvelous and when you are not in his range, he can shoot out his pike to you. Just try to evade often to regain your health and attack again once your health bar is adequate.

Just before you even try to think that life is easier after the fights, it will be a disappointment to you once you know who you will face after.

The Boss : Duelist. Before you are able to reach this boss, you will have to face waves of attacks which are very annoying. The Boss itself is a Ninja-like type of warrior. It’s very agile and fast, but if you save your attack rage up to this boss, it will be much easier to defeat this boss.

These are the bosses in Gladiator Arena you need to face, it pretty much a challenge since each bosses has very different characteristics and stats. If you still unable to kill them, take your time to understand the pattern and plan your attack strategically.


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