Army Men Strike is an awesome war game. The game put use of features such as real-time strategy, tower defense, resource control and simulation gaming and wrap it up into a tremendous mobile game.

Don’t worry, it’s not a game for kids, even though it is based on the toy army you ever play in your childhood, it’s not a toy story. It’s okay to play like a kid once more, but remember the fight are real and need men and women like you.

You won’t lack of war to get into. Just recruit and train your soldiers and defeat all your enemies along your way to build the most awesome army empire in history. You can command a group of best warriors, unlike in any other game through this full action strategy game.

To defeat your enemies you are equipped with troops and tanks, the more advanced soldiers and military equipments you have, the better the gaming experience can be.

In most combat, you need to defend your empire against the yellow toy warriors. There’s a lot you can use in this RTS (real-time-strategy) game. Some enemies or campaign would be easy but down the road, it will get nasty.

Since it’s a strategy game, you need your brain to do the work before you go to any wars. The concept of using all military equipment and earn victory, prestiges and glory are really the main part of this game.

VIP is free at the beginning but you can always pay to pay. Every VIP level will give you different kind of benefit. You can recruit officer and heroes using real money, medal, or free.There are a lot of items you can use to speed up your level, including speed-up, buff, fuse, and other resources. Don’t forget to finish all your quests, it included upgrades, evil toy quests, military growth, daily quests and many others.

The map consists of a vast area and a lot of NPC to attack to get resources for upgrades. Just make sure you know your batttle stats vs the NPC stats, so that you will not fail in attacking them.

As an RTS survival war, you can use headquarters, use the moneybox as your treasury, also transport resources with your train, and collect metal with magnets. This game has great adventurous and playful missions and battlefields which make this war robots story interesting and fun.

To build an army, you need to engage in all areas including recruiting elite toys as heroes and use strategy power to build the best soldier army, also upgrading your armor, weapons, rifles and machine guns and promote your soldiers and fighters to shooter flamethrowers, sniper men, tanks, artillery units, heroes and many more army troops.

In the concept of combat fighting, what you need to do first is to gather resources to upgrade your squad soldiers and shotgun warriors, shooter guns and base, and in the same time create your tower defense with fortifications to keep war toy invaders hopeless at bay and increase your odds of survival.

I believe there are few simple tactic you can use in any RTS game, including to choose the right targets in every battlefield and which soldier hero you would bring in those battlefield, and also you need to understand the nature of each soldiers what are their weakness and their strength so you don’t get crushed by your enemies.

Like any other game, this game also asks you to join an alliance. Alliance can help you pretty great to upgrade your camp, and help you to fight formidable enemeies

Well, enough talk, it’s time to return to the battleground. Enjoy the Army Men Strike! But Are You really READY?

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