This game is the most competitive badminton games you can ever think of. There are few match type you can join ini, which are 1 vs 1 Mode and Tournament Mode.

The game technical is pretty much amazingly simple, what you do is to take front and back step using arrow buttons on the left of the screen.

Meanwhile for taking down your enemies, you can use smash button, up and down service or counter in the right of the screen. What can you do after a series of matches?

You can open boxes which came as your prize from your matches. These boxes contain coins to buy items or simply unexpected items such as shoes and dress.

You can customize your character with tons of items from those boxes or by buying them in the shop. Increasing your ability and skills are very much everthing in this game, so you can do much stronger smash and jump, even though I must admit, to get smash in every game is not easy.

I must give a 5 star to this game, because of the features.

Multiple game modes available. The most addictive thing in this game is that you will come back for more, especially if you can win games with simple tricks such as double shuttlecock or strong smash. There is a satisfaction condition that can’t be paid back without playing more and more.

Create your very own character. It’s not a SIM game, but yes, what else can you do with a simple game which do not have so many features as in the MMORPG type as an example.

Easy to control. As we speak above, it’s very easy to control, that’s why it’s very addictive game. Some players won’t do the smash or the tricky shuttlecocks and win easily using the basic plays.

Simple and elegant UI design. When you hit your profile and the match you will know that there’s nothing to actually think about the game except for your prediction of the moving shuttlecocks and your strategy to defeat your opponents.

Cool stunts and realistic hitting shuttlecock experience. If you can get the smash, it’s very exhilarating.

Numerous gorgeous badminton outfits. Seriously you don’t want to look the same as your opponents on the field or you might be confused in playing the game.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and smash!!!

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