Bleach Mobile 3D is the first ever genuine BLEACH game from an anime with the same name. You surely missed the experience of excitement when the fans of Bleach Anime take a first look at this game.

This game was developed by SiamGames in joint with KlabGames. It took the whole original anime character, the story plot, and even the classic skills of the characters.

The anime seasons are already over, and this great game just going to reenact our memories of the Bleach Anime Story, taking us to those moments when the characters met each other for the first time.

It doesn’t stop to that moments, we also can hear the anime original voice, our Japan’s super popular voice actor lineup, We also introduced to the top audio-visual. All this provide gamers with the great immersive feel, leading us into the world of reapers.

This game gave us the 360 degree free rotation angle of view in the reappear of Soul Society world, the human world, and of course in the Hueco Mundo. We also find ourselves in some famous scene such as Kurosaki Clinic, Urahara Shop, Rukon District, Las Noches & much more places.

It’s never been simple and boring with this game. You can go to those world anytime, and remember as this is an open world meaning you can explore all other places within the maps.

When it comes to fighting, don’t worry, you can experience the power when Ichigo Kurosaki wave his Zanpakuto or control the Classic character such as Byakuya Kuchiki, Kenpachi Zaraki、Uryu Ishida, and many others. Remember to form the strongest squad and experience the realistic battle feel ever.

So is it a boring game with only single campaign? No, No, No .. there is a multiplayer real time battle also which accompany you in your path to become the Real Soul Reaper. You can fight PVP solo battle, fight the final boss Aizen, and also Unlimited Multiplayer Hueco Mundo’s Big Brawl as well,

Before you play the game, let us talk briefly about the features :
Recruit. This is the thing you need to do first because it gives you character, try to get 10 summon at a time.

Events. This will give you free items depending on your level and the ongoing items. Free is worth to get.

Welfare. Don’t forget to login, check your online rewards, claim stamina, retrieve rewards and others so you won’t missed any of items to increase your character’s stats

Guild. You will find some minigames, or dungeons that you need to finish in the guild which you can solo them, or play them with guildmates.

Dungeons. There are some dungeons which divided into Gameplay, Dungeon, Time-limited event, and Association dungeon.
In the gameplay, you will find Character Trial, Seireitei Contest, Punishment Force contest, Endless Trial, and so on.
In the Dungeon, you will find Treasure Cavern, The Dojo, Invading Seireitai, Defending Seireitai Wall, and so on.

Story Challenge. It consists of few levels to get you through the story of Bleach Anime. It divided into Normal, Elite, and Nightmare sections.

Character Upgrade. In the character you will find Attribute, Upgrade, Quality, Advance, and Weapon. Advance will consume character’s fragments to increase the grade. In the weapon tab, you can see the attribute’s status, your skills, realms and trait.

Team Form. Each characters has connections with each others. Some character’s will have advantages with specific characters in the same team.

Last but not least, don’t forget to explore the game, you might find something interesting, it might be worth to slow down a bit and try to read all those story dialogues.

So what are you waiting for? Go Join the Battle together!

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