Light Chaser : Another Stunning Game!

Light Chaser is a mobile game released by EYOUGAMES USS. It’s one of RPG kind of game in which you join with million players around the world in order to race to the top of any server. As an RPG it has the missions and also the grinding part which you will get numerous items, useful and the not useful items.

Playing Light Chaser for the first time, you must notice that this game features is like the famous one from the same game publisher, Musou Glory. So, what do you think? Which one you want to play more? Both of them already winning numerous awards in the game industry that you can’t ignore to play.

Light Chaser.jpg

The game story showing us the glimpse of what you will experience in this game. Basically, an evil lord is free now, and as part of the church of Lorraine, you will be equipped with armor and weapons and defeat the evil lord once and for all.

Comparing to Musou Glory this game stands out at the high quality graphics. It is powered by Unreal Engine 4 which of course turn out to be great visual and realistic experiences. Beside that, put your headphone on and you will engage in more awesome HD audio.

The game content is very enchanting. You will engage in PVP and PVE mostly in the game, with of course the main courses of the game.

The PVE missions consists of several dungeons that you can explore by yourself as follows :

Single Dungeon

  • Beyond the Top. It is divided into P. Aircraft, Mystic Wings, Mount, Elf, Partner, Wings, Weapons, and Trump to get both EXP and upgrade materials.
  • Virtue Realm. A battle of floors. The more floors you conquer, the better the rewards.
  • This mode divided into several level requirements and the rewards can be purged daily.
  • Eternal Temples. It’s a vertical floor mode battle and rewards will be obtained depends on the floor you can clear out.
  • Void Path. It’s a horizontal floor challenges which also gives you rewards based on what floor you can clear out.
  • Minions Trials. It’s the battle to get your pet’s upgrade materials.
  • VIP Treasury. Only VIP can acquire this reward.
  • David Hunt. This hunt provided you with great awaken that will increase your stats exponentially. Once you clear it, you can purge it daily basis.

Multiplayer Dungeons

This dungeons will be divided into 50 attempts dungeons which you will do automatically, and a 3 attempts dungeons. All of those dungeons, you can proceeds with maximum of 3 players.

  • The PVP missions consists of several features as follows :
  • Ranked Match. A 10 match to obtain higher rank position with great rewards.
  • Beachhead Godspeed. A guild multiplayer gameplay mode which involve your guild members to get rewards.
  • S Season Match. Obtain 5 match win will get you daily rewards, but the point is to get more points so you can obtain tokens for purchasing upgrade materials.
  • Guild Hegemony. A team PVP gameplay to gain rewards.
  • Guild Territory. A war between guild to get a hand on any territories.
  • Diamond War. A war to be the best of the best by defeating players in 1 vs 1 combat.
  • S 3 Vs 3. Team up with other players and fight with other 3 players across the servers.
  • Fury Hegemony. If being top player is not enough for you, why not be a king across servers. It’s where you can compete for that kind of game ambition.
  • S 1VN. You can get more EXP here and fast levelling is always appreciated in any games.
  • Mirage Hegemony. You can challenge any players with no restrictions.
  • Soul Temple. It’s a PVP mode to accumulate points so that you can get full rewards in it. It is divided into 9 floors. Each time you success on floor’s mission, you will go up to another floor to get more missions and rewards.

Don’t forget to upgrade your characters daily and check also the events. Be careful to upgrade events that you might not have enough materials or bound diamonds to buy the perquisite materials.


Era of Celestials : New Adventure Begins!

Era of Celestials is a Role Playing mobile video game created by GT Arcade. The story is so simple that you do not need expert to understand it. A horde of enemies going through the gate of the last bastion and “the Celestials” (angels of things like that) ask players to embark a journey to eliminate this horde by occupy a character of Warrior, Archer and Mage.


At the first look of the game feature, you can notice a lot of in-app purchase items which range from increasing your exp points, stats, to the more comfort way of playing the game by increasing your VIP points.

Your character itself can be increased through consistently doing the daily events, group events, limited-time events, and other game modes. You can access costume, title, artifact and honorific through your character also.

Check always the achievement because you can get free rubies there, and if you lost on how to increase your BR, check out the game guide.

Daily Events consists of :

  • EXP Instance to increase your exp points. Here you can use battle cry to increase battle rating and also use 50%/100% exp increase items.
  • Mercenary Quest will use vouchers to take on three quests at max in one go and will provide you with rewards such as gold and other items.
  • Boss Hunt allow you to challenge two personal boss alone, three secret boss with team or alone, the world boss, dark ruins, and also the boss lair, it gives you the choice.
  • Daily Quests will take you to twenty quests to finish with awesome rewards. You can also blitz it with few red diamonds, but to do that you need VIP Level 5.
  • Guild Quests will take you to ten quests which will increase your guild points and showered you with great rewards. You can also blitz it with few red diamonds, but to do that you need VIP Level 5.
  • Arena challenge you to ten attempts of PVP so that you can increase ranks in your server.
  • Elysian Instance gives you rewards to increase the Elysian’s stats which in overall, will increase your character’s stats.
  • Elf Instance gives you rewards to increase the Elf’s stats which in overall, will increase your character’s stats.
  • Warrior Guard consists of few numbers of horizontal floor’s challenge which every five level you will get the clearance rewards.
  • Tower of Legend consists of vertical floor’s challenge which give you clearance rewards every level you can clear.
  • Wilderness Automation is about grinding to get items and exp while you are online. You can choose the area you wan to deploy your character.
  • Offline Automation, while you are not doing the game, you can always set up an automation setting which will give you items and exp once you go back online again
  • Tyrant Portal and Spirit Realm is the dungeons you go after you get promoted to higher level by conquering the promotion dungeon.
  • Daily Quiz will give you rubies and golds by answering the quiz in the daily events.

Group Events consists of Abyssal Dungeon, Demonic Jungle, Endless Tower and Hunting Ground which further your experience within the game. It’s a teamwork event so you need to gather people to make these dungeons finished easier.

Limited -Time Events consists of Sanguine Contest, Showdown of the Best, Guild Feast, Dragonsoul Fortress, Lava Expedition, Guild League, World Boss, Altar Dominance, and Dragon Slayer which really based on scheduled time, so not be on time will get you nothing.

Other Game Modes provide you rewards by killing monster, enhance equipment and treasure hunting.

This game has quite good control, auto-complete feature also seems fine, even though it’s not very stunning as what it declares, the game still awesome to play. Nothing to complain except for the promotion to another higher level seems not easily obtain by playing without recharge.

It will cause the FTP players need to wait a little bit until their BR could reach 2Million. It sucks but what’s the rush?


Future Fights : Best Super Heroes Vs Super Villains Game from Marvel!

Marvel Future Fight is a 2015 superhero video game, published by Netmarble Games and released on April, 2015. You can plays with a maximum team of three characters in a team on any level. The player controls one of the characters which can swap with the other members and there is a time lapse before you can swap to other members again.

Completing missions will uses energy which can be obtained by level up or use free items from shops or using gems to purchase them, and also from completing quests.


Characters can get better upgrades at higher levels and the battle rating will be increased dramatically by upgrading skills, gear, and equipping ISO-8. It increases the damage level, improve specific traits like HP, Attack Speed and various buffs.

As in other games, it also offers a lot of microtransactions in the store such as energy, clearing tickets, ISO-8, Biometric and any other supplies. Some stores required tokens, but mostly using gems.

Now let’s talk about the game’s features!

Game modes. There are few game modes to notice so that you will be able to get the maximum efforts on this game.


Mission Game Modes. This mode reset everyday for completing the daily and weekly achievement challenges. It consists of daily missions, story, special missions, dimension rifts and epic quest.

  • Daily Missions. You will fight a large number of enemies and collect tons of rewards including gold and ISO-8.
  • Story Missions. You can collect biometrics, gear upgrade items, gold, norn stones and XP points.
  • Special Missions. You will be travelled into abundance side missions stories which also rewarding you with biometrics and custom gear.
  • Epic Quest. A series of challenges and special missions with unique story content. When you begin an Epic Quest, you acquire the protagonist hero. As of August 25 2018 there are 3 Epic Quests:
  • Dimension Rifts. You will have 30 attempts on this using energy which rewarding you with dimension debris, gear upgrade items, and comic cards as well as heroes’ shards.

Arena Game Modes. It’s all about the PVP whether it is an arena, or alliance battle that involves a large number of heroes.

  • Timeline Battles. You can acquire Honor tokens which can use to obtain Honor chests or biometrics.
  • Battleworld. This event will last from one to three days and only accepts heroes 4 stars to 6 stars.
  • Alliance Battle. You can join only once in daily basis.
  • Extreme Alliance Battle. Much more challenging than the normal alliance battle.
  • Alliance Conquest. Three alliances race to domination by capturing territories and obtain points.
  • Alliance Tournament. 16 top alliances against each others in a tournament.

Co-op Game Modes. This game mode allow you to team up with other players or fight with each others.

  • Co-Op. You will be able to team up with two other online players.
  • World Boss Invasion. You will have to face few bosses with other players on your team.

Challenge Game Modes. This mode has various challenge for you to complete so you can obtain the rewards.

  • Legendary Battle. It involves specific heroes to be able to get maximum rewards from this battle.
  • Villain Siege. You will fight a single boss here with a team consists of three characters.
  • World Boss. You will fight a boss with three characters and five other characters that you can sets on supports.
  • World Boss Ultimate. A more challenging mode of world boss with great rewards.
  • Shadowland. This battle involves 30 floor waves using only three characters.

As you can see that there are a lot to offer in this game, so don’t feel too bad if the urge to recharge or pay for the in-game items is so strong. Anyway, happy gaming!


Cinematic Fighting! Injustice 2 Crazy Battle!

Injustice 2 is a cinematic fighting video game published by Warner Bros. International Enterprises Entertainment. It is categorized as an action game which was released in May 2017 for Console and PC, while the mobile version was released on April 2017.

Console version vs Mobile version, which one is better? I don’t think it’s fair comparing both of the version because it’s depend on what we actually prefer. If you love to play with more stable and complicated moves, you would love the console version, but from the time you can get on the game fast, and the simplicity, of course, mobile version is better.


The gameplay actually still the same as Injustice Gods Among Us, whether it’s in the console or in the mobile version, even though, it offers a new feature called the Gear System, which can rewards players with costume pieces and equipment that can be used to customize characters’ appearances and modify their abilities and stats.

The storyline itself centers around Batman and his attempt to restore society after Superman falls. This game has improved gameplay mechanics, abundance of in-game content, and character customization options, even though some players criticizing on its random loot and too many in-apps purchase.

Now let’s talk about the game’s features!

Heroes Summon. You can summon any heroes using chests which you can pay with real money. There are Agility Power Up Chest, Premium Hero Chest, Hero Chest, and Basic Free Chest. There are also some package offers to improve your character’s battle rating which ranges from any Special Offers, Currencies and Hero Shards.

Team Battle and Stats. You can form a team up to three heroes and it will show you the team battle rating, so you will be able to decide if you want to challenge any battle. For the character itself there are few things to notice :

  • Abilities which grants you special skills to use in battles.
  • Gear which grants you customized hero and increase of specific stats which you can upgrade to higher level.
  • Talents which grants you additional stats which of course you can reroll to change to better talents.
  • You can also increase EXP here and stats using capsules.


Battles. In the battle, you will face few types of modes which range from individual PVP or a PVE team.

  • Campaign. You will be able to level up and win gears.
  • Arena. You can battle online for power gems and arena medals.
  • League. You can join together to take other league or challenge league missions, shards exchange with other members, and challenge league boss.
  • Operations. You can send your inactive heroes to obtain items for increasing stats.
  • Challenge. If you aim to get some heroes. This is a mode that enable to to fight for heroes’ shards.

Resource Missions. You can obtain different rewards from it from Monday to Sunday, from Might Class Mission, Agility Class Mission, Tech Class Mission, Meta Class Mission, Arcane Class Mission, and any Random Class Missions.

Story. You can enjoy the story that Warner Bros offered and join the fight in the middle to completing the stories.

Don’t forget also to finish your Daily Missions and Achievements Missions. In overall, this game is quite promising, that if you love fighting game that you can control manually and automatically as well.


A League of Angels The Paradise Land!

A fantasy RPG that will take you on a harrowing journey through the world of the Angels which features beautiful 3D graphics, dynamic scenery, and exquisite character design created by senior art director on Grand Theft Auto 5.


Frankly saying, it has awesome visual appearance from the perspective of combat styles, the background where it takes place, and in overall remarkable character design. It’s of course completely different from any other RPG game, but since game producer tend to copying other game platforms and features, sometimes we see a glimpse of what we have in this game in other RPG game.

For example like this one, the battle, you will have to recruit heroes, putting them in a team of extraordinary heroes, and defeat the enemies through the endless battle, seems standard right?


Stats? Of course, there are many ways to increase it! You can upgrade heroes, skills, and equipment, refine and awaken them, placing gems around them, and put some blessing into the hero and you are ready to go … saving … the world!

It’s definitely has many gameplay modes, which will be around of PVE and PVP mode. It has the Honor Trial, Labyrinth, Arena, and of course a Guild. Very common? Wait! Play it yourself and let’s talk from experiences.


Outstanding Skills of Darkness Rises!

Darkness crawls throughout the land and within it lurks a horde of ferocious demons ready to breach our gates. The path ahead will be grueling, but you must persevere and descend into hell itself to destroy this evil before it ravages our world.


Darkness Rises is a fantastic role-playing video game from Nexon company. I think this is their best of building up a game. It combine the best of graphics, marvellous skills and finishing style.

A bunch of real heroes fighting bosses are the things you can expected from this game. You are not allowed to do auto battle here and the damage you deal on bosses will reflect your ranking.


You can experience amazing battle in all PVE, PVP and even Co-Op modes. PVE mode will provide you experience to go through Story Mode, Adventure Stages, Gold Dungeons, Daily Dungeons, and Infinity Tower. Co-Op mode including those Duo Dungeons, Raid Dungeons, and Immortal Dungeons. PVP mode allow you to fight other players online in Ranked Matches, Duel PVP, Team PVP, and Skirmish.

Having a lot of Experience to level up will give you leverage to get stronger and there are Three main things you want to focus : Main Quests, Weekly Missions, Daily Dungeons and a bit of Campfire. These missions will asks you to finish simple tasks ranged from open a gold chest to obtain essences.


Fantasy Open World Crusaders Of Light!

Crusaders of Light is a high-quality cross-platform MMORPG released by NetEase Game available on Mobile, Tablet, and PC with over than 300 hours of game play! Adventure together with friends in real-time to defeat epic bosses and unlock legendary gear!


The Story

A wall called Desolation has been destroyed, and the hordes of demon comes from that wall now occupying the land, and here is the fun begin when you and other players in the world has a duty to banish them all from this land.

The Environment

It’s an open world on mobile, which means it’s not really that big, but yes, it still can be called an open world where you can roaming around to kill mobs, and finishing missions or assignments.


The Characters

You can play as Ranger, Warrior, Mystic, Paladin, and Elementalist. Each has its strength and weakness. Choose anything! It really doesn’t affect your battle rating without in-app purchase benefits as you go deeper into the game.

The Equipments

You can equip with more than enough available weapon, armor, clothes, mounts, and any other item to increase your stats. The most important thing is to collect the rare or even legendary items.

The Battle

There is a lot to offer to you including 1 vs 1 match, 3 vs 3 and a 5 vs 5 mode. This battle is also important to get you rare gear sets. If that’s not enough, you will be able to participate in Dungeon Raids with up to 40 players available.