Badland : Not Another Flappy Bird!

Badland is definitely not another flappy bird. It was originally a mobile game, but came to other platforms such as PS4 and OS X. This game is developed by Frogmind Games and released in 2014. There is no timing in every level, but surely you don’t want to fall behind, but no worries, you can try it like forever if you fail at any level.


You will controlling the CLONE, guide it to get through the all black woods. Every stages is differento to each others sometime it goest different kind of time: dawn, noon, dusk, and nigh. Each of the stage has different kind of traps and rhyme.

The shape of the Clone can goes big or small depends on the boost that available in each level, sometimes it’s not avoidable, and a retry will do since its part of the trial and error game that you will learn by doing and from mistakes.


Get Bob Safely To Bed!

It’s simple game of guiding Bob the sleepwalker to the safety of his bed by taking control of his subconscious guardian, Subob.

Explore a surreal and hand-painted dream world, avoid dangers and get Bob safely back to bed.


Seriously, its getting much more interesting when you are able to move forward to each level. Every level has its complexity and a good fun in it. There is not actually a receipt for success or strategy to get things done here.

Though, I always think first where is the door to his bed and planning a scenario to get him there, but in fact sometimes I have to adjust since it doesn’t work.


Romance Comes Alive!

Alone With You is a sci-fi romance adventure video games which you can explore, solve puzzles, unlock the mysteries of wracked space colony’s building and engage with the romance inside the game stories.


A few minutes into play, I know I will not love it so much, but because I’m curious enough to know what is this game has to offer, therefore I decided to try it.  It’s just look like other old games that I play years ago.

This game gets me through the first facility, which I found out more about what actually happen in this realm. There is nobody except me and all other AI. Books were torn and spread all around all places.

A bit by bit, these exploration made will open your eyes of how interesting game it is. It’s how you will know the holograms fates. Its fun and comforting game for you who love roaming into the world, exploring and engage in very touching conversations.


Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet : When Swords clash with Guns!

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet is a third-person shooter role playing game which was developed by Dimps based on Unreal Engine. It’s different with the SAO series mostly, but it might be based on the movie or series which already came out.


The story is as the same as the movie. After SAO’s environment destruction, Kirito and his friends move to a new game called Gun Gale Online with the same name Kirito as the player’s name.

At his first login, he already witness someone actually kill other player while inside the game. It become much more awesome once you already watch the movie then play this game. In this game, you will play as yourself, a newbie to Gun Gale Online. You will meet all of the SAO characters of course including Kirito and Asuna.

You will have a lot of weapons in your arsenal ranged from pistol to sniper riffle. There’s still sword there but it much more like Star Wars’ sword. As in SAO HR, you can upgrade your weapon or buy new weapons in shop.


The game is pretty simple, shoot enemies to kill them. You will encounter hundred of enemies with a company of three other allies, sadly you can’t do anything like upgrading them, but they will gain experience points. The only thing you can do is upgrading your only AI companion.

If things get ugly, always back to number one rule for gamers, grinding to get better equipments and experience to get your stats jumped. Mostly, you have to hit and run in your attempt to defeat any monsters.



The Fights of Robots and A Cat!

Ratchet and Clank is one of the most charming, creative, great graphics adventures video games in PS4, featuring a story of Ratchet meets Clank with funny and boring comments of Mr. Zurkov.


This game is really creative and awesome in almost every way possible. I thought at first, it was one of the kid’s play, but even if it is as I thought, playing this for hours still very rewarding adventures for me. Everytime I hit a robot, I almost hear, “CLANKKKK! CLANKKKK!”.

You will be in turn playing Ratchet and at the other part, playing Clank. Both has its interesting part, with Clank we can shrink and go to almost any place, with Ratchet, even more awesome with the shooting and slash combat.

You will go across the entire galaxy to finish missions and sometimes found out tough, harder boss or enemies to deal with, but there’s nothing impossible in the game, with just a little bit practice and you are good to go.

Rachet will have a lot of remarkable weapons and the upgrade also the skills are remarkably fun and turning up the heat of gameplay. A jetpack also make you able to explore the world more freely, which is absolutely fantastic.


The Story of Mafia III!

Mafia III is an action-adventure video game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K for PS4 and other platform. It is the 3rd of all Mafia Series. The setting is in New Bordeaux, a fictional recreation of New Orleans in 1968.


The Protagonist is Lincoln Clay, a war hero, if not a veteran, who was coming home and start working for a mafia. But, there is a twist, the Mafia Boss betrayed him and kill his families and almost cost him his life too.


He is just barely lucky. After that, he was contacted by a CIA agent and offer him an undeniable offer, he helps the CIA to take down the Mafia Boss and by all means, anything neccessary to kill the mafia and all their networks. Then, in doing this massive operation, he recruits 3 other allies, giving them territory after he took action securing and grabbing areas which controlled by the Mafia.

In no time, he was building his own empire with the help of Burke, Cassandra, and Vito. Well, that’s the first idea. For the rest of the game it’s up to you to keep them as your forever allies or just rule the city by yourself!

I did enjoyed this game for one or few reasons. These are Pros and Cons due to my gaming experiences.


  • It’s easy to control, auto aim is very advance. I don’t need a lot of thought about how to aim my weapon. It’s literally just hide and shoot.
  • Good graphics and story flow. It has multiple ends and you can control how you play the game with your 3 other allies.
  • Car Racing. Some games took in New Orleans somehow always have car racing GTA-like, but it’s not bad, I can still enjoy the game.



  • Some controls are in the same button (ie. Square for open the door and square also for reload). I found myself almost died every time this happened.
  • It takes a few seconds delay to make action from previous action in critical situation resulting in death.

Merely suggestions regarding the gameplay :

  • Upgrade your weapon especially the silencer which you will need to silent infiltration to enemy territory and police territory also, and smg (to make great hit on enemies)
  • Upgrade your allies assistance including cut off the phone communication, calling bodyguard, and cars.
  • Always do the side mission to increase money for upgrade and do the communication tap, it enables you to not killing some boss area but to make them your allies also, and you can gain significant revenue.
  • Check your equipments before going to enemy territory, what’s best in one territory is not best in others.
  • Be prepare for surprise and excitement!!! Car Racing, Car Jumping, Intercepted by enemies when doing mission, and Failed a mission due to the above reasons.


Craziest Insane Savage Mad Max!

Mad Max is an action-adventure game set in an open world post-apocalyptic environment, emphasizing vehicular combat, melee combat, and scavenging hunts.

For starter, up to 60 percent of the game will focuses on driving, so upgrading cars is important thing you will do in Mad Max. It can be equipped with weapon or tools such as flamethrowers, turbo boost, meanwhile grappling hook and sniper rifle has to be handled manually either by Chumbucket, your humble assistant, or Mad Max himself.


Other thing you can do with your car, is ramming it into enemies or enemies’ vehicle. It also equipped with the slow motion mode where you can shoot target more precisely. Believe me, Racing is the one you would like to focus to increase your driving skills since the main mission also include chasing enemy’s fastest car.

You have two options when your car broken from clashing with enemies, first, abandon it, second, have Chumbucket repair it but you need to have safe distance for that and not in battle with others, or in the battle with others but get out of the car while Chumbucket repair the car and you killing the enemy and their cars, sounds interesting right?

The other important thing is scavenging and upgrading your skills, because you need a lot of material and also HP to fight countless enemies and survive. Yes, this game asks you to fight bosses and many enemies comes at you at once. Be careful when some guy has a drum on him, the enemies will go rage and it’s a little bit difficult to handle.

No matter how hard it is, the battle system counter attack is pretty much awesome. You always can go on stealth or go aggressive when attacking bases or strange places. If you just ignore the drum thing, the battle will become interesting to deal with.

The environment of the game itself is not far from what we already seen in the movie: canyons, cave, deserts, and just a vast abandoned wastelands. This game divided into some territory with different enemies controlling it. Immobilizing the enemies’ operation could help you to regain control of the area.