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Great Turn-Based RPG

Master Your Heroes in a Chaos World through Battle with Tough Dragons, and Monsters in some challenging modes. Stunning Graphics! Marvellous Characters! All waiting for you to bring them out of chaos!

The Story

No story has been developed for this game, it’s just a full battle between you and your enemies of any shape. It’s Seven Knights type of game. It’s 5 vs 5 mode game, taking up to 5 of your chosen heroes summoned to get through any battles.

The Environment

It’s quite a straight forward game which the environment has been built for the purpose of fights and no exploration.

The Characters

There’s a lot of heroes you can choose or summoned, if you are lucky, you can even get a rare heroes that will save you from all the trouble in fighting enemies.

The Equipments

You can equip with more than enough available weapon, armor, and items to increase your stats.

The Battle

As in any other game, it has the PVP and PVE mode, which consists of Arena and Coliseum for the PVP, and; Adventure, Jungle, Magic Tower, Defense, Raid for the PVE.


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The Asgard’s Heroes

Asgard’s defenses have fallen! They need your help! Lead your team of heroes to defend against the Undeads, once and for all!

The Story

This game has not been based on any story. Just simply a bunch of guardians versus enemies in offense and defense mode game style.

The Environment

The game graphics and the flow of things inside the game seems appealing to sights. It’s easy to check for rewards and other shortcut to any mode of the game.

The Characters

You can play more than 300 heroes if you would like too, and you can arrange team based 7 different classes : Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Defender, Wizard, Golem, and Warlord.

The Equipments

You can equip weapon, armor, and accessories to any of your chosen team character, which you can easily switch between heroes/character.

The Battle

You can play up to 9 different gameplay modes from campaign, pvp, guild event, raid, bosses, and so much others.


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Future Fantasy Anime MMORPG

Blade & Wings is an action role-playing game with its best graphics and captivating story line with a lot of challenging side mission quests. As you might aware that there is a lot of anime game out there, PopFace Inc brings the distinctive features in this game, a bright and fresh anime.

Go through dungeons and adventures with novel-based storyline. There’s always main and side missions, but you can just go grinding in any dungeons to increase your experience, getting upgrade material and increase stats. The graphic is not disappointed, the flow of the game is marvelous. .

You can defeat various demons and bosses for a chance to tame these bloody monster to your pets. Try to do all quests every day, so that you will be able to get the most of this game which including rare equipment and rare emblem materials.

It has this Intense Real-time PVP and PVE actions. Try to team up with more players or guild mates as you go through any hard dungeons. The reward of these fights with monsters is very amazing, which you can equip the unique outfits, legendary pets, and mounts.

You can nearly infinite amount of ways to customize their heroes and while you are not playing the game, you can just set your character to receive a set of experience offline. When you got back online, your hero will be a lot more stronger.


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Manga Girls at Your Command

Law of Creation is the free to play game but of course you can have the diamonds as the game’s currency using the real money and also the coins or golds to increase your stats. You can also have the benefits of the VIP with lots to offer including daily gifts.

I don’t believe that I actually playing this because maybe this game just suits all girls that love all of these fancy stuffs. Every time you purchase things, it will go directly to your inventory and be careful not to sell important items to upgrade and awaken your team of heroes.

As any of Japanese game, summoning is important to provide you with awesome heroes, take the summoning at 10 times per summon because it’s really not useful to summon 1 or 2 then stops.

The battle is great, you can use auto battle if you want, just in case you are busy enough to get your hands dirty, and you will hear a lot of Japanese voice saying something when they perform their ultimate skills. It’s cute if they do that one or two times, the problems if the battle takes long, you will hear too much for this cuteness.

There are a few thoughts about this game :

First, I cannot play any other characters that I think I can play, like Naruto for example or any other manga characters.

Second, the game has smaller characters than what I was expected, while I want to see a full-grown body as in the manga.

Third, being VIP actually gives a lot of benefit than without it, because of the fast leveling benefit, and increase in battle rating. Last, since it’s really a story-based game, I would prefer to finish the main story chapter because there are a lot of other character there that will be unlocked once you clear those.


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Defend Your Home and Survive Against Zombies

Last Zombie was released by LigenSoft, the developer of Home Run which is a mobile game also. In this game you can deploy 9 unique mercenaries equipped with 9 types of weapons to defeat endless wave of zombies with just touch of your fingers.

That’s actually what this game all about. It’s a combination of survival game and upgrades which is very inline with the game progress, whenever you find any stronger enemies, you can just buy upgrade or redo again the game days/waves.

You can upgrade your barricade, your heroes, which every one of them has different weapon and skills also, your job is to place them strategically, so you can handle 5 waves of monsters in the progressing days of survival on the planet against the last zombies.

Features you can have in this games are Hero, Team Setup, Item for Weapon, and Shops for stronger weapon, fast upgrades and of course paid with real money. Other than that, you can equip the ultimate attack with your resource for it stacking up to some points.

You can switch your heroes position freely so you can kill some monster early and the load will be lighter in the next waves. This game is a matter of achievement so the higher days the better, you can get strong to go for the survival mode also.

So if you enjoy survival kind of game, or defense kind of game, this game is a match for you.


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Be A Map’s Conqueror

You will provided with huge maps which you can explore the huge magical world. What you can do? You will be able to besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles!

It does have special features that you can explore and of course a time-consuming game, but it worth the thrills.

CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels. Any game has this PVP mode, so it’s awesome enough to make us, players, able to PVP other players.

COMMAND hundreds of individual troops on a single – breathtaking field of battle. It’s a combination of few games mode like Age of War and Little Empire, but what soldiers you can take into battle is limited, it’s due to your heroes level.

SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes, each endowed with powerful abilities. Far from Summoner War, you will still be able to enjoy every special heroes with specific abilities to your need to conquer the magical world.

CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army. You can choose either becoming a Human, Dwarf, Lich, Rakan.

BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy. You will still be able to get plundered by any players, so increasing your stronghold’s defense is a must.

SIX embittered kingdoms strive to survive. It’s the most amazing thing that it remind me of limited steps game back then, I think I will not remember it’s name, but it’s the most simple and fascination game I ever play 10 years ago.

EXPLORE the beautiful, hand-crafted world of Nore. When you travelling across the maps, you will find how the creator has designed this game to be great in the sake of exploration.

DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards. There are so many too loots and fights which require you to choose and place your heroes and soldiers strategically.

This game is just amazing! What do you say?


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Stunning Seven Knights

Seven Knights is an old game developed by NetMarble and released in October 2015. Let’s talk about some features of this old game. You can get all the heroes by summoning them, you can do it free or with in-game purchase.

You will have four formation whenever you go to battle and these formations has its strength and weakness : defense, offensive, basic, and balanced, but you can upgrade them to the max with gold to get you a boost to any fights.

Always do the Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests so you will get rewarded with great items and heroes, you can also gain gems by completing assignments and achievements. You might also consider joining a guild which you can do much further in the guild castle rush, guild war, and guild castle while also increasing guild skills.

Some contents features that you will notice are : Quizz, which by answer the right will get you items and points; Codex, which consists of all your heroes obtained; Storage, which maintain your item, pet, and heroes; View Item, which maintain your weapon, armor, accessories, and jewels for your heroes; Record’s Reading Room, and Ares’ Cups.

As a mobile game, it really offers a lot of package which you can buy by using real money in the package shop. You can also summon some heroes and items for free in the summon shop, and of course Shop will offers you other extra items for upgrading your heroes.

In the battle mode, you will find few kind of battles which including : Dimensional Arena, an events arena battle; Special Dungeons, a higher events dungeons; Castle RushRaid, a boss raid events; Tartarus; Guild Dungeon; Guild War; Arena, a pvp battle against other players online; World Boss, normal and daily boss battle; Celestial Tower, floor battle type of thing which you can move forward to another higher level floor if you success on killing enemy’s team in each floor; Exploration team, which you can assign heroes to do hourly exploration to get items; Unknown Area, which it will be unlocked once you get enough exploration points.

Beside that, there’s also Easy, Normal, and Hard Adventure Story Mission which you need to finish to advance your gaming experience in Seven Knights. Every time you stuck on a level, you can always do the grinding to get items, or to upgrade heroes. Once you get stronger, off you go again.


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Little Guy Fighters

Zenonia S: Rifts In Time is part of Zenonia franchise, the sixth installment of all series and the first saga game that goes online. Even though the game features is the same as before, you can play online now team up with other players.

Since it will be in real time, you need make best use of your character to eliminate thousands of enemies in the adventure modes and other modes. As area unlocked, you will level up, which then improve your character’s attributes and skills. You can equip your character with a lot of armors, weapons, and it will be reflected in the appearance and statistics.

Any players will be able to visit any city Players can visit a common city where they can communicate with the rest of the players. Therefore the PvP mode is much more enjoyable. From my experience, this game is worth to play, the graphic is not disappointing, while the battle system is fun and very dynamic.

Now what you can do here? From story line perspective, you can travel to 9 realms to understand the mystery of the portal, assist the kingdom to unravel the truth. Joining co-op raid party is always recommended when trying to take down High HP bosses.

As a real-time action game, you can battle monsters, making friends and destroy challengers at your hands. Zenonia offer you to choose any type of characters available, and you will have two more slots open to create your other 2 characters if you want.

You can choose Paladin, Slasher, Ranger, Fighter, Magician and Assassin. Focusing on awakening your character and break the limit is your only focus if you want to get stronger. You can also customize your character with over than 300 different pieces of equipment. Don’t worry you don’t need to remember all of them. Most of them are used for materials to increase your weapon or armor stats, even though there are still more enchantment method to increase your stats.

Talking about skills? You can also use Auto Skill in battle which is come in very handy when you don’t want to get your hands “dirty”. So last thing, Enjoy Gaming and Become a Legendary!


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Are You Ready for a Challenge

Suicide Squad Special Ops is a first person shooter action which is optimized for mobile game play. This game of course is based on the famous Suicide Squad movie which featuring Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jay Hernandez as El Diablo and other more characters.

In this game you will have to choose one from three characters which are Deadshot with his precious rifle as the main weapon Harley Quinn with her stupid baseball bat, and Diablo with his inner power, fire. After you select your favorite character, you will have to face thousands of enemies wave throughout the story.

As the first person shooter game, you will have to move with your invincible left stick on your mobile phone screen, and shoot or attack with the right part of your mobile phone screen. No worry, the attack has some degree of auto aim so it will not be suffering experience for your fingers.

You will wandering throughout the city and survive as long as you can against upgraded level of enemies through time, also make sure you have your special abilities equipped and free when you face a lot of challenging enemies.

As you wandering around the city, be aware also of your surrounding, you will have to find health packs, ammo, and upgrade so that you can survive against your enemies.

This game was released by Warner Bross to advertise their movies, before that they also did the same thing when they release the LEGO game which I think it’s not fun at all, as well as can be assumed the big failure.

What exciting is that you can compete against other players in daily, weekly or in all-time leader board. Beside that, you can record HD footage while playing the game and share it directly on social media. Actually I run it on Galaxy S7 edge, and it’s pretty much awesome in term of graphic, control and battle. So are you up for a challenge? It’ definitely a good game to play.


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Stunning Musou Glory

Musou Glory was a glorious mobile phone game. It’s a 2017 RPG mobile game masterpiece produced by Unity 3D. Let’s take a look over the features in this game.

You can definitely buy Diamond VIP by using real money and you can upgrade it into Permanent VIP, which will give you some privilege to get daily rewards, exchange bound golds to golds, exchange temporary runes to permanent runes, and points reward for recharging.

There is an EXP pool in the event time which will help you to increase your EXP in no time. And if you don’t have time to finish all previous day’s missions, you definitely can redeem it in the next day using gold or free, the amount to be redeem varies will be different.

Talking about the campaign, there are actually a lot of dungeons to be participated in. Some single dungeons including Pet Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, and EXP Dungeon. You can clear all single dungeons with ease, even though some levels still untouchable for my character at Level 85. It’s definitely one of the must-do chore each day to increase your stats, and if you are a VIP, you can Purge the dungeons to fasten your gaming experience … some people just busy or don’t want to wasting their time.

This game is awesome with the supreme music effect in every battle, but there’s a case that some players getting irritated by it. You only able to choose one from two characters available, male or female. This is a game world that full of the Japanese aesthetic elements and you can choose to have a Peace Mode or you can attack any other players.

VIP is overrated but with it you can get a good items, and definitely you can grow strong without VIP or with lower VIP level. This game is really time waste game and strategy game at the same time. You will have a lot of resource and you decide when and how you will use them. What I experience in this game, that it has awesome 3D sensory experience, and we all say no to low quality graphics, and also say goodbye to noisy sounds that you can experience in other same type games.

This game was packed by Unity 3D Engine to create a believable dimension with tailor-made supreme class characters that gives you stunning experience moving on. I think this is the most popular RPG mobile game in 2017 where you are the one who determine the story plot and experience the great graphics and simplicity of the game.

The higher the level, the more EXP needed. You can get 20 million or 30 million EXP in some dungeons. Beside that, try obtaining title! Title can increase your stats. Some title are permanent and some are not. Even a small CP rating increase is pretty important in this game, because you can go for months to expect the production team to make changes or new events that will increase your stats, like what they do with Awaken God thing,

Pets also available for accompanying you to the battles. The more love you put on your pets, it will helps you a lot in the game. Having said that, it also help in the PVP battles. PVP is a very simple daily arena that match you with server’s player which you can choose to fight for their seats. There’s arena ranking, daily ranking for the seats. There’s a total of 10 attempts, also you can challenge TOP players for their spots if you dare enough.

Multiplayer dungeon is the next thing you need to do daily, there are three types of dungeons :

  • 50 attempts dungeon which can give you items and material to increase your rank.
  • 3-attempts dungeon which can give you materials to increase equipment, pets,

You can go in each dungeons with up to three people.

There are also many events in Musou Glory. World Boss will come 3 times every day, a lot of items there. Don’t forget to check Events tabs each day to see what is coming or activate your push notifications.

Furthermore, there is actually one thing that makes me regrets playing this game.

  • I don’t try to obtain information first about the game that I dedicated to pay to play. It resulted in wasting my “should have” rewards.
  • I keep using runes to do the bless, but didn’t finish the bless so it resets the next day, and I already waste a lot of bound golds, golds, and real money on that.
  • I don’t discipline myself. I really just let it any events go in one day, and show at resets time to do the easy chores.

The good thing is I don’t really care that much about things I missed, because I can other things that can’t be acquired through games. {click to tweet}