This game is not far from what we have experienced in Clash of Clan, Castle of Clash, Samurai Siege and even Dominations. In this game your mission is to build and manage your city. There’s a lot of things to keep you occupied, which are constructing and maintaining villas, farms, temples, gold storage and tower defenses, as your resources increases, it will involves you to a lot of upgrades that’s easy to notice in the game.

Last Zombie was released by LigenSoft, the developer of Home Run which is a mobile game also. In this game you can deploy 9 unique mercenaries equipped with 9 types of weapons to defeat endless wave of zombies with just touch of your fingers.

Battle Islands is a free-to-play battle strategy game, tapping in to a massively popular genre, with its own distinct theme (WW2) and gameplay. Players must take and then defend their own Pacific island, build up supplies and resources, and then engage in multiplayer battles and campaigns.

Airmech Arena