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New Adventure Begins

Era of Celestials is a Role Playing mobile video game created by GT Arcade. The story is so simple that you do not need expert to understand it. A horde of enemies going through the gate of the last bastion and “the Celestials” (angels of things like that) ask players to embark a journey to eliminate this horde by occupy a character of Warrior, Archer and Mage.

At the first look of the game feature, you can notice a lot of in-app purchase items which range from increasing your exp points, stats, to the more comfort way of playing the game by increasing your VIP points.

Your character itself can be increased through consistently doing the daily events, group events, limited-time events, and other game modes. You can access costume, title, artifact and honorific through your character also.

Check always the achievement because you can get free rubies there, and if you lost on how to increase your BR, check out the game guide.

Daily Events consists of :

  • EXP Instance to increase your exp points. Here you can use battle cry to increase battle rating and also use 50%/100% exp increase items.
  • Mercenary Quest will use vouchers to take on three quests at max in one go and will provide you with rewards such as gold and other items.
  • Boss Hunt allow you to challenge two personal boss alone, three secret boss with team or alone, the world boss, dark ruins, and also the boss lair, it gives you the choice.
  • Daily Quests will take you to twenty quests to finish with awesome rewards. You can also blitz it with few red diamonds, but to do that you need VIP Level 5.
  • Guild Quests will take you to ten quests which will increase your guild points and showered you with great rewards. You can also blitz it with few red diamonds, but to do that you need VIP Level 5.
  • Arena challenge you to ten attempts of PVP so that you can increase ranks in your server.
  • Elysian Instance gives you rewards to increase the Elysian’s stats which in overall, will increase your character’s stats.
  • Elf Instance gives you rewards to increase the Elf’s stats which in overall, will increase your character’s stats.
  • Warrior Guard consists of few numbers of horizontal floor’s challenge which every five level you will get the clearance rewards.
  • Tower of Legend consists of vertical floor’s challenge which give you clearance rewards every level you can clear.
  • Wilderness Automation is about grinding to get items and exp while you are online. You can choose the area you wan to deploy your character.
  • Offline Automation, while you are not doing the game, you can always set up an automation setting which will give you items and exp once you go back online again
  • Tyrant Portal and Spirit Realm is the dungeons you go after you get promoted to higher level by conquering the promotion dungeon.
  • Daily Quiz will give you rubies and golds by answering the quiz in the daily events.

Group Events consists of Abyssal Dungeon, Demonic Jungle, Endless Tower and Hunting Ground which further your experience within the game. It’s a teamwork event so you need to gather people to make these dungeons finished easier.

Limited -Time Events consists of Sanguine Contest, Showdown of the Best, Guild Feast, Dragonsoul Fortress, Lava Expedition, Guild League, World Boss, Altar Dominance, and Dragon Slayer which really based on scheduled time, so not be on time will get you nothing.

Other Game Modes provide you rewards by killing monster, enhance equipment and treasure hunting.

This game has quite good control, auto-complete feature also seems fine, even though it’s not very stunning as what it declares, the game still awesome to play. Nothing to complain except for the promotion to another higher level seems not easily obtain by playing without recharge.

It will cause the FTP players need to wait a little bit until their BR could reach 2Million. It sucks but what’s the rush?


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Future Fantasy Anime MMORPG

Blade & Wings is an action role-playing game with its best graphics and captivating story line with a lot of challenging side mission quests. As you might aware that there is a lot of anime game out there, PopFace Inc brings the distinctive features in this game, a bright and fresh anime.

Go through dungeons and adventures with novel-based storyline. There’s always main and side missions, but you can just go grinding in any dungeons to increase your experience, getting upgrade material and increase stats. The graphic is not disappointed, the flow of the game is marvelous. .

You can defeat various demons and bosses for a chance to tame these bloody monster to your pets. Try to do all quests every day, so that you will be able to get the most of this game which including rare equipment and rare emblem materials.

It has this Intense Real-time PVP and PVE actions. Try to team up with more players or guild mates as you go through any hard dungeons. The reward of these fights with monsters is very amazing, which you can equip the unique outfits, legendary pets, and mounts.

You can nearly infinite amount of ways to customize their heroes and while you are not playing the game, you can just set your character to receive a set of experience offline. When you got back online, your hero will be a lot more stronger.


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When Your Life Depends on a Stack of Cards

Hand of Fate is an interesting deck-building card game and activity which is unexpectedly become my most entertainment. It uses a feature of Tarot cards to decide the fate of yours which also combining the battle of standard RPG battle games.

A confounding figure known as The Merchant controls the player through a table of cards, flipping cards to decide the impediments and occasions they experience in their path. A bad card may uncover something innocuous, similar to a benevolent trader offering nourishment and supplies.

Or on the other hand maybe it’s something more perilous, sending the player spiraling from the security of the board into a battle experience with crowds of fearsome adversaries.

As the game progress, new cards are added to the player’s deck, enabling them to additionally impact the experiences and unearth the mystery in their journeys. The objective of this game is simple : make it to the end of card turn and beat the boss, without being slaughtered by irregular experiences or starving to death.

Every one of Hand of Fate 2’s 22 missions, called challenges, with its own particular independent experience, with various objectives and conditions for winning. One sees the player flying out from town to town, supporting workers to employ an effective antiquity weapon. Another errands the player with recuperating four antiquities, portrayed as pieces moving about the table from card to card.

The “pick a card” technique for deciding occasion results, with progress and disappointment in view of which of a progression of rearranged cards the player picks, comes back to vex even the most falcon peered toward players. New traps incorporate dice amusements, a swinging pendulum that must be halted at the correct minute, and the turning wheel of cards can be disappointing, particularly when fortunes isn’t your ally, yet they additionally include fervor.

This is the battle which you might not want to face when fate is involved, but life goes like this, you pick a wrong cards, then you suffer the consequences then you continue your life, no matter what.


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Stunning Musou Glory

Musou Glory was a glorious mobile phone game. It’s a 2017 RPG mobile game masterpiece produced by Unity 3D. Let’s take a look over the features in this game.

You can definitely buy Diamond VIP by using real money and you can upgrade it into Permanent VIP, which will give you some privilege to get daily rewards, exchange bound golds to golds, exchange temporary runes to permanent runes, and points reward for recharging.

There is an EXP pool in the event time which will help you to increase your EXP in no time. And if you don’t have time to finish all previous day’s missions, you definitely can redeem it in the next day using gold or free, the amount to be redeem varies will be different.

Talking about the campaign, there are actually a lot of dungeons to be participated in. Some single dungeons including Pet Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, and EXP Dungeon. You can clear all single dungeons with ease, even though some levels still untouchable for my character at Level 85. It’s definitely one of the must-do chore each day to increase your stats, and if you are a VIP, you can Purge the dungeons to fasten your gaming experience … some people just busy or don’t want to wasting their time.

This game is awesome with the supreme music effect in every battle, but there’s a case that some players getting irritated by it. You only able to choose one from two characters available, male or female. This is a game world that full of the Japanese aesthetic elements and you can choose to have a Peace Mode or you can attack any other players.

VIP is overrated but with it you can get a good items, and definitely you can grow strong without VIP or with lower VIP level. This game is really time waste game and strategy game at the same time. You will have a lot of resource and you decide when and how you will use them. What I experience in this game, that it has awesome 3D sensory experience, and we all say no to low quality graphics, and also say goodbye to noisy sounds that you can experience in other same type games.

This game was packed by Unity 3D Engine to create a believable dimension with tailor-made supreme class characters that gives you stunning experience moving on. I think this is the most popular RPG mobile game in 2017 where you are the one who determine the story plot and experience the great graphics and simplicity of the game.

The higher the level, the more EXP needed. You can get 20 million or 30 million EXP in some dungeons. Beside that, try obtaining title! Title can increase your stats. Some title are permanent and some are not. Even a small CP rating increase is pretty important in this game, because you can go for months to expect the production team to make changes or new events that will increase your stats, like what they do with Awaken God thing,

Pets also available for accompanying you to the battles. The more love you put on your pets, it will helps you a lot in the game. Having said that, it also help in the PVP battles. PVP is a very simple daily arena that match you with server’s player which you can choose to fight for their seats. There’s arena ranking, daily ranking for the seats. There’s a total of 10 attempts, also you can challenge TOP players for their spots if you dare enough.

Multiplayer dungeon is the next thing you need to do daily, there are three types of dungeons :

  • 50 attempts dungeon which can give you items and material to increase your rank.
  • 3-attempts dungeon which can give you materials to increase equipment, pets,

You can go in each dungeons with up to three people.

There are also many events in Musou Glory. World Boss will come 3 times every day, a lot of items there. Don’t forget to check Events tabs each day to see what is coming or activate your push notifications.

Furthermore, there is actually one thing that makes me regrets playing this game.

  • I don’t try to obtain information first about the game that I dedicated to pay to play. It resulted in wasting my “should have” rewards.
  • I keep using runes to do the bless, but didn’t finish the bless so it resets the next day, and I already waste a lot of bound golds, golds, and real money on that.
  • I don’t discipline myself. I really just let it any events go in one day, and show at resets time to do the easy chores.

The good thing is I don’t really care that much about things I missed, because I can other things that can’t be acquired through games. {click to tweet}