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The Paradise Land

A fantasy RPG that will take you on a harrowing journey through the world of the Angels which features beautiful 3D graphics, dynamic scenery, and exquisite character design created by senior art director on Grand Theft Auto 5.

Frankly saying, it has awesome visual appearance from the perspective of combat styles, the background where it takes place, and in overall remarkable character design. It’s of course completely different from any other RPG game, but since game producer tend to copying other game platforms and features, sometimes we see a glimpse of what we have in this game in other RPG game.

For example like this one, the battle, you will have to recruit heroes, putting them in a team of extraordinary heroes, and defeat the enemies through the endless battle, seems standard right?

Stats? Of course, there are many ways to increase it! You can upgrade heroes, skills, and equipment, refine and awaken them, placing gems around them, and put some blessing into the hero and you are ready to go … saving … the world!

It’s definitely has many gameplay modes, which will be around of PVE and PVP mode. It has the Honor Trial, Labyrinth, Arena, and of course a Guild. Very common? Wait! Play it yourself and let’s talk from experiences.


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War Against Gangsters

Gangstar New Orleans basically is the Grand Theft Auto kind of game, and as the GTA you can get immersed into the game. It’s a shooting game which which developed around the city of New Orleans fighting gangster and mafia in the underworld.

Beside the shooting, driving cars like a madman, having outrageous arsenals, you will increase your influence in the city and take over mafioso businesses. You can equip tons of customization items which make your character unique, fuse and evolve your extra weapon to get the any weapon stronger to make your play easier.

In GTA, you also have the same but more complex mode, you can even buy a building and enjoy the luxury of life or sexual life by using real money and doing missions to get enough wealth to do whatever you want in the game.

In Gangstar New Orleans, it’s very much easy with the control and you can shoot or loot with ease. There is also real money involve as in other game, the graphics is not disappointing beside the control, story line is awesome, free roaming also available whenever you got bored with the missions.

But, even though the control is not bad, it’s still can’t beat the console because of the complexity and speed control, can’t move faster enough to not have to reposition left finger on the screen, but auto-aim helps a lot in this game so I guess the game’s developer really thought about that.