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Not The Last Man Standing

Waves of Zeds or Zombies or whatever it called. This game is not for soloist, it’s a team combat which will enhance your fear and challenges at the same time. Shoot and Reload! This is all this game about! Dare to Play?


Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter video game, that can be played alone or cooperatively with up to six players.

The game is based on bio-tech firm Horzine’s attempt to create military clones which is hijacked by an insane researcher and unleashed on the UK. The clones rapidly spread across Europe, paralyzing the response from the European Union.

Within Killing Floor 2, taking place a month after the first game, the outbreak has spread beyond Europe causing governments to collapse and communication systems to fail. Gameplay consists of players fighting through waves against Zeds.

As waves pass, the enemy count, which scales with the number of players in the game, will increase and different enemy types are introduced with the final wave culminating in a boss fight.

The boss character will be determined randomly upon the start of the last wave, with each boss having different strategies for defeating it. Players are equipped with melee weapons and firearms, a healing syringe, and a welder used to block passages. Random weapons, ammo, and armor can be found by exploring the level, though players have a limited amount of weight they can carry.


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A Look on A Realistic War

Battlefield 1 is the first-person shooter video game which is developed and published by Electronic Arts. battlefield one is actually the 15th installment of the series and released worldwide on October, 2016.

It already received positive reviews especially for the singe player campaign and multiplayer PVP with awesome visual and sound design. For a newbie, this game is not that easy to play, a lot of snipers and simply better shooters than you.

Sometimes I just don’t get it how PPLs can kill me easily, just a few second after I re-spawned. This is after all, a game who put teamwork above personal kill records. There are four classes of infantry-based soldiers including assault, medic, support, and scout; three vehicle-based soldiers including Tanker, Pilot, and Cavalry; five elite class including Flame Trooper Kit, Sentry Kit, Tank Hunter Kit, Trench Raider Kit, and Infiltrator Kit.


Players can make use of the weapons including automatic rifles and semi action automatic rifles, flamethrowers and gas to kill opponents, as they ride on horses. It actually remind me of Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain.

In Multiplayer online, every time you get killed, you can choose where to be revived, and auto aim is really at minimum. I don’t get much of Assisted Aim as in Mafia III. As the game focus on Multiplayer mode as in StarWars Battlefront, you can expect a lot from this game. Multiplayer mode supports up to 54 players, and new squad system actually allow a group of players to enter and leave game servers together during fairly quiet without joining a squad.

Eventually, what you can’t do much with a controlled soldier, you will do much more when you spend more time in the game. As a newbie, killing one or two and survived few more minutes is already awesome. Ignoring controls, it has great graphics and stories with war emotions fly from story to another story.

But, when you look at the story campaigns, it’s really not disappointed either. Donald Berlin is the game worlds designer and he said that the campaign mode has larger and more open environment than those in previous installment in the franchise with more option and choices in the term of completing level.


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The Battle of Star Wars

The Battle of Starwar is insanely amazing with these multiplayer game mode, from a standard 4vs4 pvp to 40vs40 fighting in a massive galactic assaults. It’s totally a game worth to play for first-timers and star wars’ fans.

Galactic Assault

In this mode, the battle will be focus on objective-based maps, which you play as one of the player of any team which consists of 40 players, a large-team oriented battle. Each battle will be in different locations based on random choice by AI. You can choose any soldiers among four trooper classes, and piloting your favourite vehicles to destroy other team players completely. When the battle gets tough, you will be able to call in the special units. At the end of the game, will you be the hero who win a battle or a loser?

Starfighter Assault

You will take any ships which are including fighters, bombers, interceptors, and hero ship. With this ships on hand, what you are going to do next is destroy other player’s team ships and define what so called victory. This is a space battle so be prepared to go nuts with controlling StarWars’ ships which is not really easy to handle at some points. As in Galactic assault, this is objective-based space battles with 24 players come in to play.

Heroes Vs Villains

In this mode, you will play any StarWars’ characters of your choice which range from Luke Skywalker to any other Jedi. It’s a four-on-four team battles, so the objective is killing all other four players on the opposite team. You can use character’s skills, guns, swords and any other weapons to finish them off. It’s kind of funny, even if you are in a team, there’s also a target player which you can attack or defend so if no communication, basically your teammate will also able to kill you.


This is my favourite multiplayer mode in StarWars. As in other mode, this one also an objective-based scenarios missions which you will be divided to two teams of eight players to complete the missions.


Blast actually a real close quarters combat which involves 20 players divided into two team which is not objective-based missions. The only objectives is to kill all other team’s players to reduce the numbers shown up in the screen by zero. It’s a really fast-paced battle, in short moment you will die and revive soon, until nothing to be killed.


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Got Served

I welcome you to the one of most exciting competitive sport in the world which is street basketball. If you are a PS 4 plus member, this game is pretty much free for you, if you aren’t you might still possible to play this game, I don’t know.

Street basketball is very fascinating game which in real life we all play it with friends and families. This game consist of few mode. The first one is 1 vs 1 player, which you can control 1 character while the other 2 will be Artificial Intelligence, then you will face real players with the same format. This game is a real time 3 on 3 match which you can challenge other player online while they might sit in their room.

It also has 3 vs 3 mode which you control 1 character while the other 5 are real players. It really much better to play with friends than soloing the game.


Therefore iff you don’t communicate with other teammate well you can’t gain anything since this is the strategy game. So if you are solo guy and you still want to play this game you should just focus on the jobs, doing the jobs for items, cash and also doing the 1 vs 1 game so you can increase your exp to get your skill upgrades.

Each characters are very different, as suggestion, you will need to increase your exp fast. When it come to the game play itself, there are few things you can do : 1. try to snap the first ball!, 2. guard your ball and then do the duck play, 3. job actually can earn you money and items so do it regularly.

There are actually few characters, some still locked while the unlocked character is with you from the beginning of the game, you can level up, doing this and you will gain skills you will gain advantages on playing the game winning on every game. You can also level up your skills, this is different in every character, they have different position and they have different skills and depends on how is your playing style, you have to choose different character.

Most people use some characters that can dunk well but 3-shoot guy is also great to advance your score. You can make your character stronger by doing in-app purchase in the shop. There are many accessories there, shoes, dress, shirts, anything will do their part for winning any competition. You can also choose your celebration style, but actually its doesn’t matter and you can just focus on the game, all can be bought in the store.