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New Adventure Begins

Era of Celestials is a Role Playing mobile video game created by GT Arcade. The story is so simple that you do not need expert to understand it. A horde of enemies going through the gate of the last bastion and “the Celestials” (angels of things like that) ask players to embark a journey to eliminate this horde by occupy a character of Warrior, Archer and Mage.

At the first look of the game feature, you can notice a lot of in-app purchase items which range from increasing your exp points, stats, to the more comfort way of playing the game by increasing your VIP points.

Your character itself can be increased through consistently doing the daily events, group events, limited-time events, and other game modes. You can access costume, title, artifact and honorific through your character also.

Check always the achievement because you can get free rubies there, and if you lost on how to increase your BR, check out the game guide.

Daily Events consists of :

  • EXP Instance to increase your exp points. Here you can use battle cry to increase battle rating and also use 50%/100% exp increase items.
  • Mercenary Quest will use vouchers to take on three quests at max in one go and will provide you with rewards such as gold and other items.
  • Boss Hunt allow you to challenge two personal boss alone, three secret boss with team or alone, the world boss, dark ruins, and also the boss lair, it gives you the choice.
  • Daily Quests will take you to twenty quests to finish with awesome rewards. You can also blitz it with few red diamonds, but to do that you need VIP Level 5.
  • Guild Quests will take you to ten quests which will increase your guild points and showered you with great rewards. You can also blitz it with few red diamonds, but to do that you need VIP Level 5.
  • Arena challenge you to ten attempts of PVP so that you can increase ranks in your server.
  • Elysian Instance gives you rewards to increase the Elysian’s stats which in overall, will increase your character’s stats.
  • Elf Instance gives you rewards to increase the Elf’s stats which in overall, will increase your character’s stats.
  • Warrior Guard consists of few numbers of horizontal floor’s challenge which every five level you will get the clearance rewards.
  • Tower of Legend consists of vertical floor’s challenge which give you clearance rewards every level you can clear.
  • Wilderness Automation is about grinding to get items and exp while you are online. You can choose the area you wan to deploy your character.
  • Offline Automation, while you are not doing the game, you can always set up an automation setting which will give you items and exp once you go back online again
  • Tyrant Portal and Spirit Realm is the dungeons you go after you get promoted to higher level by conquering the promotion dungeon.
  • Daily Quiz will give you rubies and golds by answering the quiz in the daily events.

Group Events consists of Abyssal Dungeon, Demonic Jungle, Endless Tower and Hunting Ground which further your experience within the game. It’s a teamwork event so you need to gather people to make these dungeons finished easier.

Limited -Time Events consists of Sanguine Contest, Showdown of the Best, Guild Feast, Dragonsoul Fortress, Lava Expedition, Guild League, World Boss, Altar Dominance, and Dragon Slayer which really based on scheduled time, so not be on time will get you nothing.

Other Game Modes provide you rewards by killing monster, enhance equipment and treasure hunting.

This game has quite good control, auto-complete feature also seems fine, even though it’s not very stunning as what it declares, the game still awesome to play. Nothing to complain except for the promotion to another higher level seems not easily obtain by playing without recharge.

It will cause the FTP players need to wait a little bit until their BR could reach 2Million. It sucks but what’s the rush?


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Battles with Heroes and Gods

Goddess Primal Chaos is a 3D action MMORPG mobile game which was developed by koramgame. It is one of the hottest game in 2017 and called as the next generation mobile game. The main story plot is simple, be a hero to save the world!


You will be travelling back through the time and space before the birth of Tyrant. The mission is to save humanity, monsters, and spirit world. I guess, everyone need saving here. You can choose from three classes which are Summoner, Warrior, or Bloodline.

Summoner has great Ranged Attack and a Group Attack Specialist. Warrior is great at Offense and Defense, he is a Control Specialist, meanwhile Bloodline has pretty High Critical Rate and a Damage Dealing specialist. Each of them has their own benefit, but my bet is with the Summoner.

After choosing your class, you will be engage with millions of players online, level up and get stronger by collecting items, conquer many game mode, and be free to explore the awesome world ever.

Beside that, this game are easy to control, you can use one-tap combos and experience the amazing fighting scenes. When talking about the quests, it has abundant quests, very innovative, dynamic and challenging Urgent Wilds missions.

If you think you are not able to clear out challenges because you fight alone, don’t worry, you can recruit your own battle heroes, with many available different types of heroes. You will also able to get Goddesses’ power and it will make your character stronger than ever.

I suggested that join a team and alliance with all players around the world is a great way to beat multiplayers dungeons, boss worlds, and much more. In any alliance you sign in for, you will be able to use alliance’s stores, the tech boost, and exchange with other players to make your gear much better.

There are some multiplayers PVP mode, which are included in 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, team battles and alliance war, which will make your day quite busy a little bit. When it come to the accessories in the game itself, you will find a lot of unique mounts, gear, weapons, and cool outfits.


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Get Your Free Crystals

Castle TD is a strategy castle defense game which I think worth to play due to the simplicity in this game. You will start with 3 warriors character, a Wizard which has great skill, a Paladin which has high HP (hit points) and a Barbarian which has high damage.

The game itself has 4 different type of area : Normal, Hard, Mission, and Endless. You will begin at Normal area and after finishing normal area, you can proceeds to other 3 areas. Don’t worry if you are losing in a level, this game give you the opportunity to restart a wave by letting you to watch an ad.

They also allow you to watch ads and rewards you with crystals, the only item you needed to upgrade everything in the game.There area 4 props that can boost attacking, just be sure when to use them. 4 basic towers that can be upgraded to 8 levels which is very satisfying.

Beside that all 15 maps with awesome graphic, 15 levels mission, and you can also do the arena mode to play against players all over the world. Here are my suggestion when it come to play the game itself :

  • Buy the crystal! You can get 48,000 crystals for USD 4.99 *on discount event.
  • Always check on Free Crystal over for watching ads.
  • Use your mana strategically, only use it when you had a high chance to kill massive enemies in one shot, meaning dropping whatever props to orc with healers in the horde is not a nice move, unless you are confident enough to kill the healers there.
  • Place the slow tower strategically.